Sound Running was born from this question and it remains our focus and inspiration. The Sound Running philosophy steals a bit from it's name as we want our runners to train smarter and more holistically. Training like a pro doesn't mean running more miles as much as it's a practice in better preparation. We want to build a lifestyle into each plan so that a runner is not only prepared but they are healthy and having fun along the way. A sound runner is one that achieves their goal, enjoys the process, and learns throughout. Want to be our new running buddy?

Sound Running was built to help every runner.

Our coaches have worked with all levels and combine for over 30 years experience working with athletes. Sound Running has seen athletes become Olympians, win U.S. Titles, World Medals, and set World Records. From the brand new runner attempting their first miles to the best runners in the World, the approach is the same. Rooted in science, each program is built to get you to the starting line healthy, properly prepared, and FIT. We are always learning new ways to get the most from athletes and would love for you to join us on this journey.


Jesse Williams —Coach/Founder


Coach Williams has worked with athletes of all levels for the past 15 years. He was the Head of Brooks Sports Marketing for 13 years overseeing the marketing and business side of the Hansons-Brooks ODP, the Brooks Beasts, the Brooks PR Invitational and other athlete programs. A competitive runner as well, Jesse ran at Texas Tech University where he received his Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master's in Biomechanics. As a runner, Coach Williams has run the Boston Marathon 5x as well as the Chicago, London, Berlin, and NYC Marathons. (He won the 2002 OKC Memorial and 2011 Seattle Marathon) Coach Williams has a marathon PR of 2:22 and was once a hand model.


Kevin Hanson & Keith Hanson — Coaching Consultants


Kevin and Keith Hanson are the owners of the Hansons Running Shops in the Detroit Metro area and are the founders of the Hansons Original Distance Project. Since starting the team in 1999 the coaches have seen their athletes compete on World Teams, in the Olympic Games, and even win the Boston Marathon. What makes the Hansons special is not only their knowledge of the sport and training but their connection to the running community on all levels. Kevin was a high school coach from 1982-2016 on top of his duties with the professional Hansons ODP team. They host community groups runs, give talks at events around the country, and are constantly looking to improve the sport for all runners. We are lucky to work with these icons and would be lying if we said that our training plans haven’t been influenced by what we’ve learned over the years from the Hansons systems.


Nick Rogers — Coach


Nick Rogers competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympic 5000m, is a several time U.S. Champion, and qualified for the 2008 Marathon Trials during his professional running career. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Nick has been involved in the sport since his high school days in Washington and is still active in the SoCal/Southwest running community serving as a the area running rep. Nick’s new passion is coaching runners to new goals when he isn’t surfing or skiing. Lucky guy