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First things first.
Find a plan.

Whether that goal is to run your first 5k, qualify for the Boston Marathon, work on that beach body, or just become a stronger runner we have some great options for you.  All of our plans are built to work for runners of all levels.  There are plans for specific courses, all distances, and an endless supply for supplemental strength work to keep you running strong and injury free.  Our goal is for you to achieve your goals and to inspire others to do the same.

Basic Plans

Just need a plan to follow for your upcoming race?  These plans are built specific to the event distance and are super easy to follow and keep you motivated.

Custom Plans

Would you like a plan catered to your specific goal, calendar, and race?  We can build a custom training plan for you to follow from start to race day.

Personal Coach

This option is for the runner that wants a custom training plan, access to all of our strength training and rehab exercises, and access to our coaches throughout.


Meet your coach. 

Our coaches have worked with all levels and combine for over 30 years experience working with athletes. Sound Running has seen athletes become Olympians, win U.S. Titles, World Medals, and set World Records. From the brand new runner attempting their first miles to the best runners in the World, the approach is the same. Rooted in science, each program is built to get you to the starting line healthy, properly prepared, and FIT. We are always learning new ways to get the most from athletes and would love for you to join us on this journey.