Rest your way to the finish line

Click bait title but no lies here.  Rest is often the most over looked part of the training cycle for weekend warriors.  You have a training plan and you might be crushing those workouts but how are you treating the other half of the training cycle? Professional athletes understand the importance as most endurance athletes get 10-12 hours of sleep each day!  Sleep, yes sleep, induces the release of growth hormone.  Human growth hormone helps rebuild your body, can aid your metabolism, and can enhance your body's ability to perform physical talks.  Some experts say as much as 75% of human growth hormone is released when you sleep. (the rest when you workout)  That means that your body's adaptation and growth is drastically improved when you are getting good rest.

As you build in time for your training you should also build in productive sleep patterns.   What does this mean?  Getting to bed early and waking at consistent times allows your body to adapt, stay on a schedule, and work more efficiently.  Everyone is busy but allowing time for than extra hour of sleep each night will pay dividends with recovery and daily tasks as well.  So as you plan out your training for your next event make sure to. take the rest part of the cycle as serious as the workouts and go get that PR.