A Morning Run

I awoke to some amazing ultraviolet this morning and headed out for a friendly jaunt up and down the bacon strip that is Seattle. I rarely venture out into the world at this premature time and it felt good to be accomplishing so much before I have even checked the celly for mail.
You see, I had to leave my old flat behind to aid in my current search for a dwelling of my own. In the midst of couches and pillows I found no time yesterday to tighten the lungs and felt a bit down about the whole lot. I understand that a day off is not going to change the world but try telling the voice in my head that fairy tale. 
Anyway, I am straying from my original point. In the early morning you see the city in a very pristine state. The water is calm and glistening with a hint of promise, the air is crisp and a bit cooler, the streets are empty and life is new. People have not decided whether the day's drive will bring happiness or anger and neither have you…it's up to the run. I can tell you though, when the jaunt is over that early in the morning you are one giant leap closer to numb.